The Alpha Editorial Board invites young scholars and students to actively contribute to the Athena Online Blog on any topic that is relevant to economics. Please adhere to the following submission guidelines while sending in your entries.

  1. General Guidelines – Each submitted article should be sent to the MSE Alpha [] by email in both Word Document and PDF format. The name of file should be YOURNAME_INSTITUTION. In the body of your email, please provide the following details – Full Name, DOB, Academic Institution, and Course of Study
  2. Length – Articles should be in the range of 1000-1200 words, with 1200 words the absolute maximum (excluding references). Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1.5 line spacing. 1 inch margin on all sides of the page.
  3. Style – We are looking for articles that are more journalistic rather than academic. Articles can model the tone of op-ed pieces of major national and international newspapers. They can have a conversational tone however articles must refrain from addressing in first person.
  4. References – We would not be publishing the footnotes/endnotes. However, authors are encouraged to make use of them and give relevant credit to borrowed ideas. References in the form of hyperlinks would be preferred.
  5. Graphics – Authors are encouraged to submit relevant photographs, maps, and other graphics to accompany their articles. They must not be embedded in the text file but submitted separately. Graphics must be submitted as TIFF or JPEG files, at a minimum of 300 dpi at 100 percent.
  6. Figures & Tables – All tables or figures, if any, must be discussed or mentioned in the text and numbered in order of mention. Define all data in the column heads clearly. Figures and tables should be of good quality and contain full references to the original source.
  7. Affiliation – After the title of the article and before the main body, include full names of author[s], followed by your academic affiliation.

All correspondence will be conducted through e-mail during the process; the editors will use the “Track Changes” tool on Microsoft Word. The editors reserve the right to edit the article to conform to the editorial policy and specifications of the MSE Magazine and have the right to reject the article should the Editorial Board determine that the article is not acceptable for publication.


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